Wednesday, May 9, 2012


A few weekends ago I travelled to Paducah by myself to help mom and dad clean out the attics to get stuff together for the yard sale that will be June 2 at their house.  I also was able to visit with some long time friends who are heading up a bake sale the same day as the yard sale (btw, they are awesome!).   While I was there dad gave me $20 that a guy he works with handed him after hearing about our story then mom and I had made a trip to an old friends house to pick up donations for the yard sale and was contacted to pick up more.  And this this past weekend a woman I work with decided to not have her yard sale but instead donate everything she was going to put in it to us THEN she tells us that there is some friends of her that said we could have their left over stuff from their yard sale that day.  I ended up knowing a lady at the second stop and the other woman handed us $40 to order pizza, that went in the adoption collection jar at home. ;)  And before that weekend was over we had sold to our family and a friend $80 worth of yard sale finds PLUS we had a box of brass sitting around that Zack's dad took off for us that brought in $15 so overall God blessed us ABUNDANTLY with 2 truck loads, 2 back of my Scion loads and $135!!!  We are so fortunate to have friends and family that are on board with us praying for this journey and giving of their "stuff" and time.  :)

The yard sale in Owensboro is scheduled for July 28th.

I have friends and family members asking where we are at in the process.

We are waiting.

Not for the referral, but for God to provide the money to begin the next step, we will need $890.

What is the next step? 

Thank you for asking!  It is completing (which is done) and submitting our I600a form to the USCIS. 

What is the USCIS and what is an I600a form?

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services - the I600a is our application we send to them to be approved State side to adopt internationally.  There is fingerprinting involved with this.  We will send a copy of our home study, birth, marriage and divorce certificates but because of our bump in the road we will also include several references from friends and family members.

There is a realistic concern that we could possibly have problems in passing the USCIS but our social worker and I are being positive and believe that God has bigger plans. 

Please continue to pray for the process and that the $890 will come right when we need it.  :)

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